Frequently Asked Questions

Why do need to reserve a Timed Admission Ticket or Event Ticket?

In order to ensure that children, families, and grown-ups, too, have the best experience at Treehouse, we are offering timed entry tickets for our members and visitors alike. Tickets can be displayed on a phone for quick scanning on arrival or printed out to bring with you.  Etickets make check in fast! If tickets are available we will be happy to sell them at the door.

Where do I park?

Free parking is available and close on the North end of Junction Parking Terrace and there are limited spaces on the streets around the Museum.

How is Treehouse keeping everyone healthy?

The health and safety of the children and grownups are of paramount importance to us. The Board and staff of Treehouse ask caregivers to help us by verifying that their children are well and able to visit the Museum each time they come. If a child is sick and has a fever,  a runny nose, or an upset stomach, caregivers are asked to keep the child at home. Caregivers are also asked to keep children at home if someone in the immediate family is ill.

Treehouse does not require masks currently, but recommends them for vulnerable populations.

Caregivers are asked to actively and continually supervise their children during their visit to ensure that children are walking, using inside voices, helping to keep the Museum tidy and clean, and that children are washing their hands and using exhibits safely and appropriately.

We offer two daily admission time blocks Tuesday through Saturday. Treehouse has always been known as a very clean and beautiful facility, and  we are vigilant about our daily cleaning. We regularly disinfect all touch points, including handles, railings, counters, table tops, rest rooms, and water bottle filling stations. Treehouse has a hospital grade air filtration and air circulation system in our building. To make it easier for families to keep their hands – and the Museum – clean and healthy, Treehouse has installed hand sanitizing stations throughout the exhibit galleries. Families are encouraged to get just a drop of this effective and safe gel to sanitize their hands as they enter and exit each space. Of course, there are rest rooms on each level for frequent hand-washing, too. There are baskets in exhibit area to put used or mouthed toys for regular disinfecting by staff.

We take serious precautions to stop the spread of all germs and viruses. Let’s stay healthy together!

Does Treehouse accept checks?

Treehouse does not accept personal checks for admission, memberships, or events from the general public.  Checks are accepted from schools for tour experiences and for donations to the Museum. Treehouse accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, and Discover cards.

May I bring my stroller inside?

Yes, but we ask that strollers be parked in our coat and locker area off our lobby. This is due to space constraints in the exhibits and to maintain wheelchair accessibility. Exceptions are made in the cases of twins or triplets, sleeping babies, and medical conditions of a parent or grandparent. Just speak to the Guide at our Welcome Desk about your needs and we are happy to help. The Welcome Guide will provide you with an elevator code, too.

Is Treehouse wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Treehouse has touch button main doors. There is an observation landing at the top of the tree that is wheel-chair accessible. Treehouse has an elevator to the second level and will provide a code upon request. (Our elevators are locked for children's safety.) Treehouse also has two wheelchairs that are available free for use by guests who may need them. There is seating in every exhibit gallery. Our restrooms all have wheelchair stalls and baby changing stations. If you would like to request other accommodation, please email us at or call us at 801-394-9663, and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I reserve Admission Tickets in advance?

Purchase Timed Admission Tickets in Advance of Your Visit

May we eat our lunch in the Museum? Does Treehouse have drinking fountains?

Sorry, Treehouse doesn't have a lunch room, and we don't allow food or drinks, except water, into our exhibit areas. Please bring your own water bottles to replenish at our water bottle filling stations. This is part of our effort to keep Treehouse a clean facility and a healthy environment, especially for our visitors with food allergies. We also care for donated collections and keeping food away from these is important. There is one drinking fountain on the main level. There are a number of restaurants in the Junction development where Treehouse is located within easy walking distance and many have children's menus. Ask at the Welcome Desk for suggestions. We are just blocks from two municipal parks if you'd like to picnic during good weather.

May we open birthday gifts inside the Museum?

Our exhibit spaces are open to all guests, so opening presents in those spaces is not allowed.

Learn more about Treehouse Birthday Parties.

May I drop my children off at Treehouse with my teen babysitter?

No. All children must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years or older during their visit to Treehouse and that adult must supervise them actively all during their visit. To verify age, ID may be required.

May I visit without any children?

Yes, adults are welcome to take a short tour of the Museum space. Adults, including special needs adults, can be accommodated just by calling 801-394-9663 or asking for a Manager when you arrive at the Welcome Desk.

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