Admission to Treehouse

Reserving tickets online in advance makes checking in faster at our Welcome Desk and ensures we have room for your family to visit. Members of Treehouse are encouraged to reserve their free tickets online in advance, too, because Treehouse can reach capacity on admissions at times. Free days like the RAMP Summer Saturdays at Treehouse require special free Event Tickets, which are free for adults and children and must be reserved online.

Treehouse is pleased to be part of the Museums for All program, offering a discounted admission to individuals and families presenting a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Eectronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, and a valid form of photo ID at our Welcome Desk.  Treehouse's Museums for All Discount is available for all regular hours is $3 per child and adult in the family. 

Please note that children must be supervised by their grownups at all times and that adults must certify that all members of their group are well and able to enjoy the Museum.  All children and youth must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older and adults must be accomapnied by a child. If you'd like a tour to see what Treehouse is like, please call us at 801-394-9663.

Purchase Regular Admission

Summer Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Admission Fees:

$12 : Children Ages : 2 to 12

$6 : Youth Ages : 13 to 17 coming with families

$6 : Adults and Seniors Ages : 18+ coming with families

FREE: Treehouse Member Children and their Adults

FREE: Toddlers & Babies Under Age 2

Museums for All (with EBT card and photo ID): $3 for children and adults


Treehouse Admission Policies

Because Treehouse is a place designed for young children, all children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. All adults must be accompanied by a child ages 1 to 12. This policy applies even to our members. Teens and adults on their own without families are not admitted, but can arrange a tour to see what Treehouse has to offer.

Please only visit when everyone in the family is well.

All caregivers –parents, grandparents, teachers, and chaperones – are responsible for supervising their children throughout their visit to Treehouse and for ensuring that children walk, use inside voices, and help tidy exhibits before moving on. Exhibits must be used safely and appropriately.

Strollers can block walkways, limiting wheelchair access, and stroller wheels can even damage exhibits. Because of this, we ask that all strollers be parked in the locker lobby area. Exceptions are made for grown-ups with physical issues, twins and triplets, and sleeping babies. Just talk to the Guide at the Welcome Desk.

Treehouse has wheelchairs for loan upon request.

Please note that no food or drink, except water, is allowed in the exhibit galleries at Treehouse.

Treehouse is a drug, alcohol, and tobacco (vaping) free facility.

Check "Plan Your Visit" for more information about how Treehouse is keeping everyone safe and healthy and how caregivers are expected to help.

Families with older youth and adults with special needs are welcome, but should be aware that exhibits are designed for children ages 2 to 12, and may not be safe for adult-sized visitors. Please call if you have questions or would like to bring a group: 801-394-9663.

Treehouse staff reserves the right to refuse admission, revoke membership, and/or remove any person without a refund for violating the Admission Policies or exhibiting unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.


Thank You to Our Program and Exhibit Donors