Every Child Needs a Treehouse!

Through our "Access Treehouse" program, Treehouse partners with generous community donors, including our wonderful friends at Ally Bank and the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, to provide more than 300 sponsored memberships annually to families with children enrolled in area Head Start programs. Treehouse also provides 3 free days in the summer to the community every year thanks to Weber County's RAMP Grant Program, and we offer another 3 free days in the winter, and at least 4 free open houses for our Head Start partners annually. We also distribute more than 7,000 free passes at community events and through partnerships every year, plus we donate memberships to our education partners for their events. Both Ogden and Weber School Foundations sponsor field trip admissions for all their elementary students each year so classes can visit without an admission charge.

Would you like to help to us be even more accessible and inclusive? Just call Lynne at 801-528-4708.

Thank You to Our Program and Exhibit Donors