Love Children's Books? We Do, Too!

All Year Long!

At Treehouse Museum we love all kinds of stories and all kinds of styles of illustrating them. Over the years we’ve shared thousands and thousands of story times with children and adults at Treehouse, and staff are often asked to recommend a “really good book.” Recognizing that “good” means a lot of different things, our definition of a really good children’s book is one that both a child and an adult can enjoy through words and illustrations. The best books, we think, are the ones that say something interesting, important, or fun, in an original way. Good books connect with children where they are in their growth and development. The very best books can be read again and again – they are "true friends with covers."

At Treehouse we’ve been lucky enough to host many children’s book authors and illustrators (and young adult authors, too). Having an opportunity to meet and talk with the creators of some of our favorite books has been fascinating as we’ve learned about how they set about writing, editing, and/or illustrating their books. We've had a chance to hear what they hoped to share with children and adults through their books and what they are interested in writing or illustrating next.

Treehouse staff want to encourage you to try a book either written or illustrated by one of these Treehouse favorites – folks who have all been to Treehouse or shared their art with us for display or Treehouse publications. This isn’t a complete list of the authors and artists we’ve worked with at Treehouse, but it’s a great place to start.

    Ashley Wolff
    Brian Floca
    Laura Numeroff
    Daniel Miyares
    Rick Walton
    Joan Paley
    April Prince
    Giles Laroche
    Renée Andriani
    Mercer Mayer
    Holly Berry
    Lily Toy Hong
    Bill Martin, Jr.
    Wade Zahares
    Judy Cooley
    Anne Bowen
    Renee Fleming
    Anna Vojtech
    Rebecca Bond
    Chris Crowe
    Mark and Caralyn Buehner
    Michael Tunnell
We have lots and lots of other favorite children’s book authors and illustrators, too, from Maurice Sendak to A. A. Milne, and we are sure that you have favorites, too. So, share some children's books this summer. Reread old friends and meet some new ones.

Treehouse Trustee Sharon Williams reads a story at New Bridge Elementary, 2019.