Treehouse turns 25! Celebrations and Transitions

25thBDay2017 is a special year for Treehouse Children’s Museum. It marks 25 years since the Museum first opened its doors in the Ogden City Mall. Many of the children who visited Treehouse in the original site are grown up with children of their own. Even those who started to visit us just 10 years ago when we opened the Elizabeth Stewart Treehouse Museum on 22nd Street are teens and young adults now.

Our longevity as a museum in Northern Utah is thanks to lots of wonderful donors and members. We want to involve our supporters in the Silver Celebration in some special ways as a thank you.

First, we want to provide every one who currently has a membership, or who buys or renews a membership during our birthday year, with a special “Silver Celebration Membership.” That entitles you to receive free tickets (while they last) to all the public and member events and parties we have during the whole of 201, including tickets for the Troupe Shows, the Enchanted Woods, and the Fairy Tale Ball in 2017! We don’t want our great members to miss a thing. Be sure you watch and read our emails so you can RSVP quickly ensuring you get some of the limited free tickets available.

Next, we want to invite our supporters to nominate your family to be one of only 12 “Silver Celebration Families.” These families will be featured during our 25th Birthday year in print and web advertising for Treehouse. If you have been members from the beginning and your children and grandchildren have been members, or if you are brand-new members but love Treehouse, we want to hear from you. If you’re willing to tell everyone what great memories you’ve made at Treehouse over the years, we’ll have a professional photographer meet your family here at Treehouse to take portraits that we will use to tell Treehouse’s story to other families and that you can have afterwards. If you have your own photos of coming to Treehouse over the years and want to share those, that would be great, too. To apply to be a Silver Celebration Family (and receive free T Shirts for everyone in your family for those portraits, too) just send a letter or email to Treehouse and tell us how long you’ve been coming to the Museum, how many members of your family there are currently, and what you especially love about Treehouse. The email is or our address is 347 22nd Street, Ogden, UT 8440.

If you are a teacher and have been bringing your students to Treehouse on field trips over the years, we’d like to hear from you, too. Again, we’ll take a professional photograph of you (and your students if you’d like) at the Museum. Just tell us how long you’ve been coming, what school you’re at and what grade you teach, and what you love about field trips to Treehouse.

Treehouse staff recently sent a letter to our members explaining that we are transitioning to a new Point of Sale system that includes our Membership records. Very soon members will receive an email from us giving members a Silver Celebration TreECard. The TreECard can be kept on a phone to show at the Welcome Desk in place of a printed card. Members can still opt for a printed card, too, if they prefer. The new card will entitle all members to free admission, not only to Treehouse during public hours, but to all the events that normally require a paid tickets including the Fairy Tale Ball, the Enchanted Woods, and Troupe Plays at Treehouse. We also sent out this Silver Celebration Calendar showing 25 events to celebrate 25 years of Treehouse.

Thanks for your patience with this transition.

You can download the 25th Birthday Calendar of Events by clicking here!